Hello everyone, today we’re gonna be talking about my push kit project that i wrote for crossed platforms using React Native and the code with some explanations.

Here is my github project if you’d like to check out and try yourself. And for console configurations there’s a Huawei official documentation.

Before we start make sure you’ve installed the packeges and configure the app.

Creating a new application

React Native has a built-in command line interface, which you can use to generate a new project. You can access it without installing anything globally using npx, which ships with Node.js. …


Bu yazımda sizlere ML Kit’in Landmark Recognition adlı özelliklerinden birini uygulamanıza nasıl entegre edeceğimizden ve yapılandırma ayarlarından bahsediyor olacağım. Fakat önce ML Kit ve Landmark Recognition nedir ve ne için kullanılır genel olarak bir bahsedelim.

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Most apps need to identify and authenticate users to tailor the app experience for individual users. However, building such a system from scratch is a difficult process. Auth Service can quickly build a secure and reliable user authentication system for your app. You only need to access Auth Service capabilities in your app without caring about the facilities and implementation on the cloud.

  • Auth Service provides SDKs and backend services, supports multiple authentication modes, and provides a powerful management console, enabling you to easily develop and manage user authentication.
  • The Auth Service SDK supports multiple platforms and programming languages so…

In this article we’re gonna talk about Map and Location features that Huawei has for developers via the app called wTracking.

wTracking allows you to track location data and draw map with it in real time. As you can see in the picture while you’re having the sport activity you choose map gets interacted with the user’s real-time data and draws on map even when you kill the app.

First we need to make sure to make configuration settings right. For Location and Map Kit configuration settings please check our documentary here. Than let’s get started with our application.


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AppGallery Connect API Overview

The AppGallery Connect API provides RESTful APIs that can be used to customize services provided by AppGallery Connect or implement process automation, thereby improving your work efficiency.

Publishing API

The Publishing API allows you to:

  • Upload app information, including the app copyright information.
  • Modify basic app information, including the app name and description.
  • Add or update version information, including the app screenshot and video.
  • Release and update apps and submit apps for approval.

The Publishing API cannot be used to create apps. You need to create apps in AppGallery Connect first. Then you can call the Publishing API to update app information…

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Hello everyone;

In this article i’m going to show you how to integrate one of the ML Kit’s features called Landmark Recognition on your app and it’s configuration settings. But first let’s talk about what is ML Kit and Landmark Recognition and what it is stands for?

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Hello everyone,

Today i’m going to show you how to integrate your project in one of the most powerful service that Huawei has for sending push notifications. But first let’s answer some basic questions about it, shall we :)

-What is HMS Push Kit and why we use it?

HMS is a backend service that provided by HUAWEI for developers. HMS Push Kit is a messaging service which sets up a messaging channel from cloud to devices. Via push kit, developers can send messages to apps on user’s devices in real time including Android, iOS and Web platforms. This helps developers to remain closer ties with users and increases user…

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